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Fitness Challenge Week 1

I was only three weeks into my new career (I'll call it a side career as landscaping is my main career) as a group fitness instructor when COVID became a major issue around the world and I was forced to shut down my classes. That was in Eaglesham, Alberta, 20 months ago. Since then, a lot has happened in my life, but I have not been able to re-establish myself as a fitness instructor even though I recently renewed my ACE group fitness certificate.

I hope that one day soon I can get back to teaching fitness classes, but in the meanwhile, sharing my workouts here is the next best thing. That was actually one of the reasons I created Looking Up And Ahead.

Anyway, it's time to grab your yoga mat, a bottle of water, a couple of weights, and get your sweat on.

For the first three workouts, choose 10 - 15 lb weights. If you want to use heavier weights go for it. If you prefer to start off with 8 lb weights, that's fine too.

Now, here are your six exercises for the week.

- Bicep Curls

- Tricep Extension

- Standing Dumbbell Overhead Press

- Jumping Jacks

- Mountain Climbers

- Sumo Squat Thrusters

The goal is to exercise at a 45/20 interval with a 1 minute break between each round.

In other words, you will work for 45 seconds and that will be followed by a 20 second active rest between each exercise.

I challenge you to complete 6 rounds of all 6 exercises, 3-4 days this week.

I know you can do it! If I can do it, so can you! No excuses.

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