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About Me

My name is Deanna Proach and I wear a few different hats in life: I am a landscape gardener by trade who is also passionate about fitness, photography, and writing.

Why I Created Looking Up And Ahead

I obtained my ACE Group Fitness certificate in October 2019, but shortly after I began teaching, I was forced to shut down my classes. For personal reasons, I haven't yet been able to re-launch my fitness career, so I created Looking Up and Ahead as a means to share my workouts as well as other articles on fitness and wellness. Since gardening is another passion of mine, I will also include articles on gardening. 

My Mission For Looking Up And Ahead

My mission is to help you lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. 

Seeking Collaboration With Other Bloggers

Are you another busy blogger who needs content for your blog? I'd be happy to help. I am seeking guest blogging opportunities in the following niches: Fitness, Gardening, and Productivity.

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